I finished an MA in Ceramics at Bathspa University in 2014 where I concentrated on experimental work. The resulting sculptures express a physicality and movement that celebrates the expressive potential of the clay.

This desire for a relaxed spontaneity is explored in some of these domestic jugs. The wheel thrown form acts as a canvas; it is dipped in white slip, then vigorous, gestural overlapping and sweeping marks are applied with a ladle.

The intention is to let it flow and trust in the process. I use soft clay encouraging a looser more fluid and immediate style of throwing on the wheel.

The subsequent handling of the pot, the pronounced throwing rings, the joins of the two parts become an opportunity for character ; for example a dribble, a splash that animates the exuberant surface. These are deliberately sought.

Anthony Eccles Ceramics

The glazes blend, bleed and provide contrasting tones and textures, on the rhythmic surface.

The slip application speaks of organic hand building processes and these hand marks, and other incidental bumps and marks that happen in the forgiving clay.

The forms, the slip coatings, contrasting red and white areas glazed and unglazed, evolve over successive applications and firings.